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  1. Nick Reply

    Hi, I have so many questions about this blog you have made. I own a Hyundai Tucson hybrid diesel 136hp htrac manual transmission and for one and a half year I’m facing an issue because of the tensioner which was changed twice but it continues to fail and not fixing the problem.
    First of all I had a continuous bucking after 60km/h until it reach 90km/h and then it was going smooth like nothing happened. To fix the bucking they change the temperature sensor of turbo. After a couple of days a problem that I’m facing until now has started happening. When I’m driving and I’m releasing the gas pedal with 3rd or 4th gear at around 2000-2500 rpms and more sometimes, it makes a sudden bucking and last summer it started at 1800-1900 rpms with steady gas, when the engine work for a long time, it starts like a whistling noise. I have a video for this. I went to the car dealer and they changed the tensioner for a second time. When I got the car back it was ok for 5-6 days. Then the same problems started again. Hyundai can’t do anything more. I’m thinking of selling it but now I see your blog I think that I have found a solution if it’s the same think you are writing about.
    Sorry for the long post, I hope I have an answer from you because you are my last hope. No one else is writing about this issue.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Nick, have they tested the clutch pack for judder? Its another issue that plagues this car.

  2. Nick Reply

    No they didn’t tested clutch pack for judder. It’s a manual transmission btw, I don’t know if it helps. It’s bucking to all gears but the most of it, it does it on 3rd and 4th gear.
    I have a question. You have written about repair parts. This works only when the engine fails or if you have another symptoms also?
    I’ve search for the parts that are listed, a quick look, but didn’t find most of them.

    Here are two video of mine.
    The first is when I bought the car it was making this noise when I changed from first to second gear. And I thought it was an issue. But now I think is normal to do that.
    I’m pushing the gas and then clutch quickly.
    And the second video is the “whistling” noise at 1800-1900.


    • admin Post authorReply

      The first video does sound suspiciously like a failing DMF.. Is it a 2WD or 4WD model? I ask because know the rear diffs are also prone to failing and can create all sorts of horrible noises.

      • nick Reply

        I have the same query. They told me that this is normal about the clutch. It is a 4wd.

  3. Dillon Stephenson Reply

    I’ve got a Kia ceed 2020 1.6 and the engine appears to be seized, nothing happens when you try to start it and when you rock the car in gear the engine doesn’t turn over, any ideas?

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