Vauxhall Corsa D – ABS faults, side repeaters and fuel gauge not working.

If you’ve got a Corsa D (2006-2014) which is exhibiting front ABS sensor faults (one side or both) along with the side repeaters not working on either side a combined (usually) with a faulty fuel gauge there is a very good chance the wiring loom in the scuttle (just below the windscreen) has been damaged by the bonnet hinges.

To inspect the wiring you need to remove the windscreen wiper arms and the black plastic scuttle trim underneath them,

  1. Once the trim is removed you can inspect the loom for damage or breaks.
  2. If the loom is damaged remove the plastic protective ducting and see which wires are broken.
  3. To gain better access to the ABS sensor and side repeater tails on the loom remove the plastic liner from inside the wheel arch. Now You can pull the loom back through to the scuttle to give your self some more slack to work with when repairing the loom.
  4. To repair the loom solder in a length of wire to bridge any of the breaks (add some heat shrink before soldering so you can draw it back over the joint) making sure you carefully match the wiring by its colour coding.

When you re-assemble it would be wise to reposition the plastic protective ducting so it covers your repair(s) and add some fabric wiring loom tape to help protect it further.

Corsa Scuttle Wiring Location

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