FIX KIA Sportage QLE Mk4 (2018-2022) Notchy Steering rack issue

Mk4 Sportage’s are renowned for developing notchy steering (especially at motorway speeds) and it’s normally due to a lack of grease in the steering rack/box. This videos shows you where the dealerships add grease for the technical bulletin. only the smaller undertray/shield in the middle of the car needs removing (4x 10mm bolts) and then you’ll need a 10mm ring spanner to remove the 3 10mm bolts on the steering rack/box cover which sits just on top of the subframe under a heat shield (it’s tight but there’s no need to remove the heatshield).

2 thoughts on “FIX KIA Sportage QLE Mk4 (2018-2022) Notchy Steering rack issue

  1. Amine Reply

    Hello mate,

    I’m really glade i came across your blog! I can only feel your miserey dealing with this car ! I too have a Sportage 1.6 crdi mhev awd 2022, so far never had a problem with it except for the dct gearbox which is very very f*** annyoing to say the least. In fact i have already done 55k km… done twice north france to barcelona….

    Few days ago i went to the dealer for a transmission diag. They told me that the car will stay more than expected as there are 3 recalls in addition to the diag : 220S47 / 230S02 / 230S11 i couldn’t find anything about these in the internet. But when i was at the dealer i asked about these and he told me about the tensioner, ecu update, dct update whatever that means…I believe you ve had enough with this car, but please if you can give your opinion as i’m just looking for the next car ( i’m gonna sell this crap as soon as it comes from the dealer ) , obviously i m gonna lose a lot of money selling it but hey it is better than having to deal with the issues and the hassle it goes with them…What do you recommend as a car/transmission/fuel ? i just need a car to go to work 60 km per day a bit of space in the back for the kids and their stuff ( bikes ) Maybe i asked alot, i’m sorry. Thank you very much for your time and efforts and for sharing this with the world, that’s really nice of you !

    • admin Post authorReply

      Unfortunately the 1.6 CRDi (and more specifically the MHEV variant) is a particular anomaly when it comes to Kia (and Hyundai) reliability..

      Are you having issues with the gearbox juddering?

      It’s hard to advise on what is a “good” car for another person as its so subjective.

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