Kia / Hyundai D4FE Re-Build Parts

All of these part numbers are applicable to both Kia and Hyundai so you can source from either.

The girdle bolts can be re-used by the main, big end and head bolts need to be replaced:
21114-2U000 Main-Cap Bolts (x10)
23513-2U000 Con-Rod Bolts (x8)
24170-2U100 Cam Rocker Arm (x16 but only some will be broken).
22321-2U000 Cylinder Head Bolts (x10)

Valves (if they are bent)
22211-2U000 Intake Valve
22212-2U000 Exhaust Valve

There are 3 seals between the block/girdle/oil-pan sandwich:
21161-2U000 O-Ring: Girdle to Block
21162-2U000 O-Ring: Girdle to Block
21163-2U000 O-Ring: Sump to Girdle.

There are also three seals between the cam carrier and head.
22142-2U000 (x1)
22143-2U000 (x2)

The following seals are required for the oil pump but don’t appear to be available any more so be extra careful when removing them, clean them with detergent then boil them in water to “revive” them.

26121-2U000 Oil pump seal
26122-2U000 Oil pump seal

2 thoughts on “Kia / Hyundai D4FE Re-Build Parts

  1. Ajay Reply

    Can I remove the cam carrier without changing the timing belt and how would i untension timing belt. Or would i need get all new parts
    Im just changing the rocker arms and thats all

    • admin Post authorReply

      You need to release the tensioner and remove the belt to remove the carrier, whether you re-use the belt and tensioner is a risk you’ll have to assess.

      A genuine Gates timing belt kit isn’t particularly expensive so you might as well replace it.

      Out of interest why are you changing the rockers?

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