Kia / Hyundai 1.6CRDi Tandem Pump Mesh Safety Recall

Recall Campaign 221048R0

Yet again ANOTHER safety recall on the 1.6 CRDi (D4FE code) engined Kia’s, this time an issue with the tandem pump which is the combined belt driven oil and vacuum pump (the vacuum is needed for the brake servo assistance) in the sump.

Kia are being shady as per usual with the official technical bulletin / campaign details but the EU Safety Gate portal gives the following information:

Alert number: A12/02275/23

Kia Ceed, XCeed, Proceed, Ceed SW, Sportage (QLe) models built between 26.10.2018 and 05.10.2020 are potentially effected.

The summary of the issue is “A faulty filter inside the tandem pump can cause insufficient oil supply and failure to generate vacuum pressure. This can affect the braking distance, increasing a risk of an accident.”

The extra load on the blocked pump has also been known to result in complete oil pump failure (obviously catastrophic for the engine) or damage to the drive belt (again catastrophic when the belt does eventually fail).

It sounds quite trivial but to inspect the pump and mesh the bottom end of the engine needs to be stripped so expect a myriad of oil leaks and other potential issues after this work is carried out.

View the full report here: Safety Gate: the EU rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products (

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