Kia Sportage Hybrid (MHEV) Tensioner Failure

The 1.6 CRDi diesel hybrid-electric Kia Sportage is a “mild hybrid”, its basically a regular diesel engine with a motor with an “upgraded” alternator and 48v battery pack that can also drive the engines timing pulley via a belt.

Kia (and Hyundai) vehicles with this engine and MHEV system have been plagued with failures due to the timing pulley being literally ripped off the engine of the crank. Various attempts have been made to revise the tensioner system to try and relieve strain on the timing pulley but the failures continue.

The Kia/Hyundai group still refer to this is a “Tensioner Issue” but in reality its a fundamental design flaw and the only true resolution would be to remove the MHEV system entirely.

1 thought on “Kia Sportage Hybrid (MHEV) Tensioner Failure

  1. Rodrigo Reply

    The information you give is very interesting. write me an email. Please. I have an invoice from an affected one that has failed twice, it has a breakdown of the parts that were changed. and I think it’s just what you’re saying but I would need confirmation because it’s in English.
    Another thing. I canceled the start stop system so as not to overload the alternator from the beginning. and now I’m afraid that when starting I will pull hard on the crankshaft and that flimsy bolt will break, as you say, the best system would be Woodroof. like the previous models. Would there be any possibility of installing that wedge system? By removing the crankshaft, installing the woodroof and making a notch in the pulley and reinstalling it?
    Another thing, how can I make sure the alternator doesn’t work at all, not even to start?
    a greeting from Spain. privileged information that you show us. thank you very much greetings!

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